It was only a matter of time before my constant desire for being creative would spill over into interior design. Since the day I had a place to call my own, I have always enjoyed making it a home…from my first apartment to my current dream house. Over the past several years I have become more involved in interior design, doing a lot of our own home remodeling and makeovers, taking training courses, and working for Pottery Barn as a Design Studio Specialist for almost 4 years (until the pandemic). I really love the work I do, I enjoy meeting all types of people and seeing all types of interiors and I love the challenge of trying to incorporate all of the requirements of each interior area. Every project is different and each requires its own creative design solution. It’s so very rewarding to me to see each completed project and to know families will be enjoying the space I helped create and the memories that will be shared in it.
MY SERVICES INCLUDE selecting paint colors, furnishings, lighting, countertops, flooring, wall coverings, window treatments, rugs, designing wall galleries, decor and accessories. I can help you create a beautiful living space on any budget, sometimes just working with what you already own. My process starts with an in home consultation, but I also have the ability to work with you virtually. I will send you a project estimate outlining fees, budget and timeline. My services typically include (but are not limited to) a measured floor plan with furniture pieces, as well as a vision board for your space, and a list of suggested items to purchase. I can help direct you to suggested vendors and contractors as needed to complete the work.
A WORD ABOUT STYLES. While I can work with various interior design styles, styles I feel at my best and what I’m drawn to are typically Farmhouse/Modern/Industrial Farmhouse, Transitional and Scandinavian...and I'm not afraid to blend that all in with some Traditional style. I love whites and neutrals with some unexpected pops of color and contrast, natural and exposed woodwork, bright open spaces, cozy textures and layering, simple botanicals…think Studio McGee and Fixer Upper. Pottery Barn, West Elm, Arhaus, Magnolia Home are some my favorite places to shop and Home Goods and Wayfair are certainly great resources as well!
Here’s something I found online that explains the Modern Farmhouse phenominom, and I can’t say it any better:
“There’s a reason why Modern Farmhouse style is so hot right now. This beautiful and simple approach to living evokes a spirit of warmth and comfort while putting a fresh spin on tradition. Its inviting, laidback style is rooted in a vibrant mix of old and new. It’s timeless but not fussy. It’s cozy but not cluttered. It’s a low-key combination of eclecticism, minimalism and industrial chic. It’s about bringing the outside in and embracing organic, natural materials. It can be neutral and serene or incorporate bright color and patterns. It’s a little bit country with a whole lot of sophistication.
Modern Farmhouse is a chameleon style. It blends well with traditional interiors, as well as contemporary and eclectic ones. And you don’t have to live in an historic home to make Modern Farmhouse work for you. Brand new homes can rock this style, too, with the right design choices.
Modern Farmhouse style hearkens back to simpler times. Maybe that’s why so many people are gravitating toward it these days.”
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